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Frequently Asked Questions

How many travel chat rooms are there on Travelers.Live?

Travelers.Live features 195+ travel chat rooms for every country in the world. Join them and connect with others to share your travel experiences, tips, and news. Gain inside knowledge, meet new friends, and find travel buddies in real-time.

How can I access travel chat rooms on Travelers.Live?

You can read discussions taking place in a travel chat room at any time by simply clicking one of the 195+ country cards. Register as a user at Travelers.Live to participate in travel discussions.

How does Travelers.Live monitor and use the information posted in the individual travel chat rooms?

Our mods monitor all travel chat rooms in accordance with the applicable legal requirements. Regardless of this, the content of the individual chats will not be evaluated or saved for commercial purposes. We value your privacy. All public chat histories are automatically deleted every 24 hours.

Is it possible to discuss sensitive topics on Travelers.Live in a confidential way?

Yes. By creating private discussions you can have sensitive travel discussions with other users in a space separated from the public chat. Private chats are not deleted automatically every 24 hours. Please note that even if the public is excluded from private discussions, our mods can still view chat histories.

Can I use Travelers.Live for free?

Travelers.Live is free forever for the first 1.000 registrants. All other users can subscribe to our service for just $2.95 per month.

What types of content can I share on Travelers.Live?

You can share text messages, videos, photos, gifs, links and documents with other users in our chat rooms. Please note that the content you create must be topic-related and must comply with the applicable legal requirements.

Which rules apply?

1. Be respectful to others.
2. Your posts must be on-topic and should be high-quality.
3. Have fun!

Can I advertise my services and products on Traveler.Live?

Yes. However, our mods keep a close eye on ensuring that your contributions add value to the community. Spam and other content not relevant to the discussion will be deleted without exception. Repeated violations may result in a ban.