About Us

We’ve worked hard building what’s become the Workmates.Live and Travelers.Live networks.  Having been digital nomads ourselves for years, we hope this platform can bridge gaps, make it easier for you to to connect, work, and travel with others.  Find professionals like yourself to chat with or put together the ultimate team of experts into one single dashboard.  

We’ve built the largest professional live network on the web.  It’s huge, making up over 200 .live domains, covering most every type of profession sector, and function, along with individual site pages for each of the ~193 countries in the world.  Each of these live spaces is managed (and partially owned) by the mods themselves.  Travel experts, scientists, PhDs, experts in accounting, finance, HR, IT, you name it, we probably got you covered.  Where else can you quickly find and engage with pros in real-time, through a single interface, and without loads of bloat and shady data practices.  

We believe anyone can be a big cheese and everyone in an organization should share in its successes.  This is why our company is employee-owned.  Each country,  every sector, each site, and every chat room, we all share a piece of this company and we all believe in it.   We are driven to make you happy, to bridge gaps, and elevate the world’s ability to interact in real-time.

Go live. It’s fun.  It helps you get stuff done.  Join today and claim your space.  

Co-founding team
Workmates.Live and Travelers.Live