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Why Algeria?

Some reasons why you might consider traveling to Algeria (provided by Wikivoyage):
Algeria (Arabic: الجزائر, French: Algérie) is a country in North Africa on the Mediterranean. The largest country in Africa, it has a fantastic diversity of landscapes, an extremely rich cultural legacy (boasting no less than 7 World Heritage sites), and beautiful beaches. Algeria is overlooked by many travellers, but if you do intend to visit, know that there are a great number of opportunities in this relatively unexplored country.


  • 1 Algiers — with nearly 3 million inhabitants, Algiers is the capital of Algeria, and the nation’s political and cultural center.
  • 2 Annaba — a town with 200,000 inhabitants in the east of the country next to the border of Tunisia.
  • 3 Batna — the main city and commune of Batna Province, Algeria. With a population of 340120, it is the fifth largest city in Algeria. It is also one of the principal cities of the Chaoui area and is considered the capital of Aurès.
  • 4 Bechar — small city in the Sahara, not far from the Moroccan border.
  • 5 Constantine – Algeria’s 3rd largest city with a canyon going down through it. Also known as “city of bridges” for having a lot of impressive and beautiful bridges.
  • 6 Oran — Algeria’s 2nd largest city after Algiers, also called “second Paris” or “Rai city ” by Algerians, with many impressive buildings from colonial times and also being popular for making quality rai songs
  • 7 Sétif — the trade capital of Algeria, Setif El-Ali (The High) is the capital of high plateaus, with quite moderate temperatures and occasional snow falls in the winter.
  • 7 Sétif — the trade capital of Algeria, Setif El-Ali (The High) is the capital of high plateaus, with quite moderate temperatures and occasional snow falls in the winter.
  • 8 Tamanrasset — largest town in the south and starting point for expeditions to the Sahara and the Hoggar Mountains.
  • 9 Timimoun — a small Saharan oasis town which makes a good base for trips to the desert.

Other Destinations:

  • Roman ruins at Timgad – outside Batna
  • El-Oued with its domed architecture & nearby Grand Erg Oriental—the Sahara’s second largest dune field
  • Hippo Regius, 2 km south of Annaba, an ancient Numidian city and early center of Christianity with well preserved Roman baths and forum
  • The fantastic architecture of the M’zab Valley
  • Tassili N’Ajjer

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