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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Andorra.Live?

Andorra.Live is a travel chat room for Andorra where you can discuss all relevant topics about traveling to and in Andorra with people who share your passion. Find travel buddies, post travel reports, and get insider knowledge in real-time.

Who uses Andorra.Live?

This Andorra travel chat room is used by various people interested in traveling to and in Andorra: travelers, tour operators, travel bloggers, and more.

Can I use this chat room for free?

The public travel chat room for Andorra can be viewed by anyone at any time. You have to log in to write posts. The first 1,000 users have free access to Andorra.Live as well as 195+ other chat rooms for all countries in the Travelers.Live network.

What are the rules for using Andorra.Live?

The following rules apply to the use of all chat rooms in the Travelers.Live network:
1. Be polite
2. Follow the applicable laws
3. Contribute to a relevant and high quality discussion
4. Have a good time!

Our mods pay attention to compliance with these rules.

I offer services related to travel to and in Andorra. Can I advertise them on Andorra.Live?

Yes, provided that the content you are promoting is relevant to the topic and does not constitute spam.

A good example is when you, as a travel guide, offer your services along with further information at the request of another user. We also have no problem if you, as a travel blogger, post a link to a travel report you have written in the chat.

Our mods are happy to answer any questions you may have at any time.