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Why Angola?

Some reasons why you might consider traveling to Angola (provided by Wikivoyage):
Angola is a country in Central Africa. This country is rich in natural beauty, and in natural resources with large reserves of oil and diamonds, hydroelectric potential, and rich agricultural land. Despite this, Angola remains a very poor country, having been ravaged by a bloody civil war from 1975 to 2002.
  • 1 Luanda — the massive, overcrowded, chaotic, and incredibly expensive capital of the country, filled with nightlife and culture, a jarring mix of wealthy expats in the oil industry and the masses of destitute migrants from the rest of the country.
    • 2 Benguela — the most tourist-friendly city in one of the world’s least touristy countries, with a strong Carnavale tradition, pretty oceanfront, and by the nation’s best beaches.


  • 3 Cabinda — the wealthy capital of oil-rich Cabinda Province
    • 4 Huambo — the center of the Ovimbundu region, one of Angola’s larger cities that suffered greatly during the civil war, surrounded by much natural beauty.
    • 5 Lobito — a beachfront city, basically part of Benguela, which is the epicentre of Carnavale celebrations.
    • 6 M’banza-Kongo
    • Lubango — a good base for exploring the mountainous escarpment in the center of southern Angola.
    • Malanje — a destination owing to its proximity to tourist attractions like Kalandula Falls, Pungo Andongo, and Cangandala National Park.
    • Menongue — a small city in the remote southeast, the terminus of the Moçâmedes Railway, from Namibe.
    • Namibe — beachfront capital of the desert southwest, and jumping off point for exploring Iona National Park, and excursions to meet Khoisan peoples.

Other Destinations:

  • Cangandala National Park — Angola’s most famous park, a reserve designed to protect the critically endangered Giant Sable antelope, which is the national symbol of Angola.
  • Floresta do Maiombe — a rainforest reserve in Cabinda Province with very high biodiversity and many rivers and waterfalls.
  • Great Escarpment — the steepest mountains of Angola, with scenic drives (4×4 only), opportunities for adventurous hikers, and some spectacular views, most notably the Tundavala Gap.
  • Iona National Park — adjacent to Namibia‘s Skeleton Coast, a sparsely inhabited desert region, accessible but short on infrastructure, home to some isolated and very traditional semi-nomadic peoples.
  • Kalandula Falls — one of Angola’s most famous sights, near Malanje.
  • Kissama National Park — Angola’s most accessible park, near Luanda, with accommodations for tourists.
  • 1 Mussulo Island — a beautiful extension of land in the south of Luanda that’s famous for its natural beauty; explore some of its local cuisine such as ‘pirão’, funge, and moamba.
  • Pungo Andongo — large, unusual black rock formations, reasonably easy to visit from Luanda or Malanje.
  • Sumbe Caves — beautiful caves in a jungle-filled canyon near the small city of Sumbe, about four hours south of Luanda.
  •  Wakhan National Park Wakhan District on Wikipedia – one of Afghanistan’s most isolated areas, with soaring mountains and unique cultures

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