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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Australia.Live?

Australia.Live is a real-time chat for Australia with a focus on travel-related topics. In this chat room you can connect with other travel enthusiasts, gain insider knowledge, and share your travel stories. Our chat is powered by Rocket.Chat and offers you the ideal environment to exchange ideas and make new friends anonymously and in real-time.

Is Australia.Live free?

The first 1,000 users can use this Australia chat as well as 195+ other chat rooms in the Travelers.Live network for free.

What are the rules when using Australia.Live?

In order to create the most pleasant and useful environment possible for our users, we pay attention to the observance of the following rules:
1. Be polite and contribute to a quality discussion
2. Avoid spam and make sure that your content is useful for other users
3. Have fun!

Our mods keep an eye on these rules. Repeated violations may result in a ban.

I offer products, services or external information. Can I publish them on Australia.Live?

Yes, as long as they are relevant to the topic and contribute to a high-quality discussion. For example, we have no problem if you link to your travel report in a blog, or if you, as a travel provider, answer specific questions from other users and refer to your services.

However, please avoid spam by all means.