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Why Belarus?

Some reasons why you might consider traveling to Belarus.
Belarus (Belarusian: Белару́сь, Russian: Белоруссия) is a former Soviet state whose history begins in the 10th century CE. While not on most tourists' radar, Belarus preserves beautiful castles, pristine nature, and Soviet heritage. It maintains close ties and an open border with its neighbor Russia. The name of the country literally means "White Russia" in the Russian language.
With 9.5 million inhabitants, Belarus is a middle-size European country covering a total area of 207,600 km²: slightly smaller than the United Kingdom, five times larger than the Netherlands and Switzerland.


  • 1 Minsk (Belarusian Cyrillic: Мінск) — the Belarusian capital and largest city, with over 2 million inhabitants.
  • 2 Brest (Брэст) — regional capital on the Polish border with impressive architectural sights.
  • 3 Polotsk (По́лацк, Polack) — the oldest Belarusian city, notable for interesting buildings.
  • 4 Gomel (Гомель, Homieĺ) — the second largest city in Belarus; located in the east.
  • 5 Pinsk (Пінск) — informally known as the capital of Belarusian Polesie (Pinsk, or Pripyat, Marshes).
  • 6 Grodno (Гродна, Hrodna) — the last capital city of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth (18th cent.) with rich history and well-preserved architecture.
  • 7 Mogilev (Магілёў, Mahilioŭ) — third largest city in Belarus.
  • 8 Nesvizh (Нясві́ж, Niasviž) — with a UNESCO listed castle.
  • 9 Vitebsk (Ві́цебск, Viciebsk) — the city of Marc Chagall.

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